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2022 Schedule of Events

10:00am Show Truck parking starts


12:00pm – Registration closes
12:00pm – Show opens to the Public
9:00pm – Light show starts


8:00am – Show opens to the Public
10:00am – Voting Ends
10:30am – Paul’s Magic & Balloons
2:00-4:00pm – Auction for Convoy/Parade spots
4:30pm – Bonham Wedding
5:00pm – Awards
5:30pm – Check presentation
5:40pm – Trucks line up for Parade
5:45pm – Craig Southern and Phoenixx Musical Performance
7:00pm – Parade starts
9:00pm – Steven Molander Musical Performance
9:00pm – Parade returns & Light show starts
9:30pm – Fireworks
10:00pm – Tony Justice Musical Performance

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